Venetian blind motor GJ56..and GJ56..e-SILENT
Venetian blind motor GJ56..and GJ56..e-SILENT

Your advantage:

  • Lower noise emission level on the facade when starting/stopping the motor
  • Lower noise emission level inside the room
  • Switching noise offering now a quite pleasant sound quality 

Suitable for all electronic and mechanical motors between 3 and 10 Nm


GJ56..-SILENT - Noise reduction

Lautstärke bei einem handelsüblichen Jalousieantrieb

Standard Venetian blind motors

In the past, higher priority was usually given to functionality rather than to the sound power level of the motor.

Lautstärke bei einem Jalousieantrieb GJ56.. (bis Ende 2013)

Venetian blind motor GJ56.. (until the end of 2013)

Through in-house production, GEIGER Venetian blind motors have always been quieter than many standard products on the market.

Lautstärke bei einem Jalousieantrieb GJ56.. (ab 2014)

Venetian blind motor GJ56.. (as from 2014)

Noise-optimized gear through:

  • Application of new materials

  • New material combinations

  • Optimized processing quality

These measures allowed us to achieve a reduction of the sound pressure level of 6 dB (A).

Lautstärke bei einem Jalousieantrieb GJ56..-SILENT

Venetian blind motor GJ56..-SILENT

The GJ56.. brake which has proven its reliability millions of times has been optimized through further technical development so that the switching operation is now noticeably quieter.