Our electric motors GJ56.. with mechanical end stop and GJ56.. E with electronic end stop have proved successful in daily use millions of times. Both drives are characterized by their reliable and proven components, the safe and quick installation in all standard head rails and the optimum torque values.

Focusing on the development of new technologies and innovative projects but also on improving the tried and tested, Geiger has now combined the advantages of a mechanical and an electronic shutdown on the GJ56.. series. Thus we designed a Venetian blind motor that is equipped with both an electronic end stop and a limit stop switch.


Your advantage - 5-fold safety through:

  • Proven engine and braking system
  • Motor intelligence: torque shutdown in case of overload
  • Shutdown via limit stop switch optionally possible
  • Referencing can be enabled/disabled
  • Anti-freeze protection

Further features:

  • Adjustable end positions with any setting cable
  • With limit stop switch for safety shutdown
  • With optional limit stop switch as reference point for belt length adjustment
  • Dynamic torque shutdown
  • Parallel connection
  • Starting time: about 100 ms
  • With 6, 10 and 20 Nm, different cable lengths are available