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GEIGER AIR products

Smart Sun Protection

Electric drives



GEIGER GJ56.. E06/E07 - More than simple Venetian blind motors with electronic end stop


GEIGER SoftPerfection-S/-X01 – For increased efficiency in the assembly of rolling shutters ...

GEIGER SOLIDline Easy - Easy installation and high level of comfort for rolling shutters

GEIGER SOLIDline SoftPlus-Qi – The first Plug & Play awning motor

GEIGER SOLIDline Touch – A new dimension in the mechanical end stop

GEIGER System INline - Drive System for closed cavity facade

GEIGER VariousWireless - The all-rounder

GEIGER VariousWireless-X01 – For increased efficiency in the assembly of rolling shutters ...

RESCUE-R – The reliable solution for the second emergency exit

RESCUEline: Geiger helps you implement fire safety

SOLIDline - controls at a glance

SOLIDline ZIP-Perfection – Motor Systems for screens with ZIP guidance

TECline series with mechanical end stop

XS56 SoftPerfection-X01 – Shorter? No way!

Mechanical drives for Venetian blinds


Venetian blind gear series 434F6.. - The crank gear for demanding customers.

Mechanical drives for awnings


Awning gears series 412F5..

Worm gear 421F...

Mechanical drives for rolling shutters


GEIGER bevel gears 444F6.. and 446F6.. - With reversible direction of rotation for left and right installation

GEIGER bevel gears for rolling shutters - Series 444F.../446F.../456F...

GEIGER Worm gear 419F55. with integrated double-sided overload protection system

System components


GEIGER detachable crank handle system for Venetian blinds and rolling shutters