The GEIGER motors, series SOLIDline AIR, are compatible at each expansion level with the LOXONE Miniserver-based Smart Home System.The motors can be connected via radio at any time with a Miniserver.

No time-consuming and labour-intensive laying of control lines is needed.

The GEIGER AIR products and all Loxone products such as heating regulators, smoke detectors, radio sockets and lighting controls (and many more) can be combined together to create a Smart Home Control.

Level 1: The stand-alone-solution with classic operation

Level 1: Stand-alone-solution with classic operation


The new radio concept GEIGER AIR has been designed for the integration of the sun protection drive. GEIGER AIR is a bidirectional radio system.

With this system it is not only possible to send orders from the transmitter to the motor but also to receive and evaluate feedback from the motor. Each wireless command is acknowledged when executed, which eliminates sources of error. You can also control the position of the sun protection and check the possible presence of an obstacle.

Moreover, each motor serves as amplifier (Mesh technology). The use of mesh networking means that you have a much larger coverage area than other wireless standards. Commands and messages are sent from the sender to each available AIR motorwhich can act as a router and pass the signal on to other devices. The range of the radio system increases by a multiple.

Level 2: For building renovation

For building renovation

Miniserver GO + GEIGER AIR

The easy solution for the modernization or retrofitting of buildings. Along with Smart sockets, smoke detectors and heating valves from the Loxone AIR range, up to 126 GEIGER AIR motors can be connected and controlled through the integration of a Loxone Miniserver GO for a compact Smart Home Control.

Energy for heating and air conditioning can be saved depending on the season and the sunlight. At the same time by using the LOXONE Miniserver GO the sun protection can be operated via Smartphone, Tablet or PC - even if the customer is not at home.

Level 3: For new buildings or comprehensive building renovation

Miniserver + AIR Base Extension + GEIGER AIR

At this configuration level, just everything is possible.

The Smart Home automatically detects situations such as presence, temperature,weather, fire, intrusion, sunset and even more. It knows autonomously what to do and makes your home intelligent. When nobody is home, the Smart home is still busy: switching off energy guzzlers, turning down the temperature, activating the alarm in case of burglary or fire, shading by hot weather.

It helps - without assistance - to save energy: for example, lowering the temperature in rooms that are not being used, switching off the light automatically after some time, turning off energy guzzlers etc. ...

At the same time by using the LOXONE Miniserver Miniserver with the AIR Base Extension the complete Smart Home can be operated via Smartphone, Tablet or PC - even if the customer is not at home.