GEIGER GJ5606-DuoDrive
Click here to access the YouTube video
Click here to access the YouTube video

The GJ5606-DuoDrive has been designed to set the slat angle of the Venetian blinds with highest precision and to ensure a fast closing/opening of the blinds – two apparently contradictory requirements united in one motor.

The solution lies in the two different speeds of the DuoDrive:

  • 39 revolutions per minute for the blind movements (50% faster)
  • 9 revolutions per minute for the rotation of the slats(exact slat positionning 288%)

This could be achieved through an automatic switching gear unit which switches from 9 to 39 revolutions per minute by each change of direction after a 3/4 rotation.

Advantages of the slow rotation of the slats:

  • Triples the available time for positioning the slats
  • Quieter opening and closing of the slats
  • Ideal for automated daylight control without SMI or KNX
  • Optimally configured for a sensitive slat adjustment by hand

Advantages of the fast travel movements:

  • Fast protection of the blind in case of wind alarm
  • Additional comfort through shorter travel times
  • More driving cycles before activation of the thermal protection
  • Time savings by commissioning of the Venetian blind