GEIGER tubular motor (ᴓ 45 mm) with AIR radio technology. Available from 6 to 30 Nm for ZIP screens. Adaptor and driver for all current shafts. Plug-in connection cables.

GEIGER Soft functions

Plug & Play 

Only one operation to the upper and the lower end stop for ZIP screens with stops and anti-lift device. Done! Plug & Play!

Soft motor intelligence

The SOLIDline AIR has a very sensitive intelligence which provides the typical GEIGER „soft shutdown“ in the end positions, in order to achieve optimal protection of the curtain.

Soft Position

Torque shutdowns stress the ZIP system more than position shutdowns. Therefore, the SOLIDline AIR uses torque shutdowns only when absolute necessary. Torque shutdowns in the upper end position are only made for the programming run and the reference runs after 50 cycles. After installation, there are no further torque shutdowns in the lower end position.



  • Screens with ZIP guidance


  • Setting of the end stops with any AIR transmitter
  • Intermediary position can be modified at any time
  • Can be operated in parallel
  • Plug-in connection cable in different lengths
  • Available with 6, 10, 20 or 30 Nm

 Your advantage – 8-fold safety through:

  • Bidirectional radio system
  • Dual stop control
  • Automatic detection left and right installation
  • Soft Position (for cloth protection)
  • Plug&Play
  • Sensitive obstacle detection in DOWN direction
  • Blocking detection in UP direction
  • Anti-freeze protection

Technical data tubular motor SOLIDline with KS motor head

GU4506 (6 Nm)
GU4510 (10 Nm)
GU4520 (20 Nm)
GU4530 (30 Nm)
230 V~/50 Hz
0,36 A
0,47 A
0,63 A
0,80 A
Cos Phi
Inrush current(Factor)
x 1,2
83 W
105 W
140 W
180 W
6 Nm
10 Nm
20 Nm
30 Nm
Speed of rotation
16 1/min
16 1/min
16 1/min
16 1/min
Protection class
Total length 1)
506,5 mm
516,5 mm
546,5 mm
566,5 mm
Operation type
S2 4 min.
S2 4 min.
S2 5 min.
S2 4 min.
Sound pressure level 2)
39 dB(A)
39 dB(A)
41 dB(A)
41 dB(A)
45 mm
ca. 1,85 kg
ca. 1,90 kg
ca. 2,20 kg
ca. 2,40 kg
Ambient temperature/
Operation: T = -10°C .. +60°C / H max. 90%
Storage: T = -15°C .. +70°C / dry and non-condensing place
1) SOLIDline COM: + 3,5 mm / SOLIDline SOC: + 3 mm / SOLIDline SIL: ± 0 mm (without bearing pin)
2) The average sound pressure level data are intended for guidance only.The values were determined by GEIGER at a distance of 1 m, with a hanging motor at idle speed and averaged over 10 seconds. There is no reference to any specific test standard.