Sun protection and emergency exit

The § 33 Musterbauverordnung (MBO) - German standard building regulations - requires the exis- tence, for each floor, of at least two independent emergency exits.

Pictogram emer­gency exit

One of them must comply with the regulations defining the first emergency exit. The first emer­gency exit enables people to quickly leave a danger zone. It leads either directly into the open air or into a secured area, such as corridors, stairs and exits.

Pictogram second emergency exit

Unlike the first emergency exit that is strictly regulated and clearly defined, the second emergency exit can be interpreted in different ways and faces countless solutions. Until now, uniform regulations have not been applied throughout the country.

For sun protection manufacturers, architects and planners, this represents a huge challenge in terms of design and implementation and might lead to conflicts.

Especially if the fire safety requirements for the second emergency exit are not respected. Further- more, aesthetic aspects, historic preservation regu- lations, constructive environment and, last but not least, costs have to be reconciled in a constructive dialogue.

The Geiger RESCUEline opens the way!

Increasingly, planners and architects are rejecting the solution of an extra staircase and prefer the option of a back-up window or emergency door which is usually the most economical solution while allowing free rein to creativity.

Providing a window or door as a second emergency exit does not detract from the aesthetics of the entire building. You just make sure the sunscreen releases these second escape routes in case of danger.

Geiger, manufacturer of operating systems for the sun protection, brings you this guarantee with the new RESCUEline solution equipped with a backup battery.

With the Geiger RESCUEline system, planning a second emergency exit is easy, economical and safe. RESCUEline is an invisible system that makes it possible to release emergency exits in any situation, at any time and for years.

Geiger-RESCUEline – The solution with battery backup for the second emergency exit!

Master of the situation even in case of fire: the compact drive for Venetian blinds



Efficient control: LED status display for indoor or outdoor use



Operational at all times: intelligent and robust control module thanks to the integrated battery

Modular design – Drive with system!

The sophisticated design of the RESCUEline can be easily integrated into all standard head rails. All drive components are designed so that the installation of additional control modules inside the building is not necessary. The motor and the control module are connected via a pre-coded plug-in cable system. Thus, any connection error is excluded.

  • Space-saving: Thanks to its modular design, the whole system can be integrated into all the upper head rails.
  • Easy maintenance: The control and motor components can be replaced at any time independently of one another.
  • Flexible approach: Second emergency exit planning does not involve any structural change, which is an important argument for architects and planners. The overall aesthetics of the building and its façade are respected.
  • Unobtrusive: The additional LED status display allows viewing different modes. For the user, the Venetian blind with an integrated RESCUEline system does not differ, seen from the outside, from a standard Venetian blind.


The system can also be used without being connected to a fire panel. A typical application is the detached house that does not have a home automation control.

  • Safety in case of fire: The emergency switch guarantees the opening of the sun protection in the event of danger even without integration in a home automation system or a fire.

State of the art electronic concept / Safety for the future!

The RESCUEline system can be flexibly connected with the home automation solutions currently on the market.

  • Perennial: A Smart Home control update is possible at any time.
  • Updatable: RESCUEline has an integrated USB interface which is at the exclusive service of the manufacturer.

Heavy duty battery!

A temperature-resistant lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePo4) is integrated into the control module. The system is charged only via the battery and ensures trouble-free operation even in case of an emergency.

  • Long life: The battery is characterized by a high electronic efficiency at the charge / discharge.
  • Temperature resistance: The „self-protection“ function protects the battery against external influences such as heat or cold. If a low battery level is reached, the solar protection moves to the upper end position to release the window or emergency door. In addition, the battery is designed so that the drive can run for at least 4 minutes in case of an emergency.


A LED display is included in the standard delivery. You can choose between indoor or outdoor display modules.

Green LED – Operational

The Venetian blind opens and closes by means of a control switch.

Red LED – Power failure

In the event of a power failure, the Venetian blind remains in its position. However, if the charge level of the battery is less than 50%, the Venetian blind automatically moves up to the upper end position.

Yellow and red LED flashing – Low level of battery charge

If the charge level is below 50%, the Venetian blind automatically moves to the upper end position and remains there. The system can only be restarted when the battery level is above 50%.

Yellow LED flashes – Battery is defective

The system can only be restarted if the battery has been replaced.

All LEDs flash – Fire alarm triggered

The fire alarm was transmitted to the RESCUEline by the fire station. The motor automatically raises the sunscreen at maximum speed to the upper end position. Emergency exits are released.