Sun protection and emergency exit

The § 33 Musterbauverordnung (MBO) - German standard building regulations - requires the exis- tence, for each floor, of at least two independent emergency exits.

Pictogram emer­gency exit

One of them must comply with the regulations defining the first emergency exit. The first emer­gency exit enables people to quickly leave a danger zone. It leads either directly into the open air or into a secured area, such as corridors, stairs and exits.

Pictogram second emergency exit

Unlike the first emergency exit that is strictly regulated and clearly defined, the second emergency exit can be interpreted in different ways and faces countless solutions. Until now, uniform regulations have not been applied throughout the country.

For sun protection manufacturers, architects and planners, this represents a huge challenge in terms of design and implementation and might lead to conflicts.

Especially if the fire safety requirements for the second emergency exit are not respected. Further- more, aesthetic aspects, historic preservation regu- lations, constructive environment and, last but not least, costs have to be reconciled in a constructive dialogue.

Products for the second emergency exit

RESCUEline für Jalousien und Raffstoren im 2. Rettungsweg
RESCUE-R für Rollladen im 2. Rettungsweg