With a total length of only 317 millimetres, the XS56 is a true master of its class.

Specially developed for narrow curtains, the new GEIGER motor opens up unimagined dimensions for architects, planners and fitters. What could previously only be operated with a belt or a crank handle is now also possible with an intelligent motor – extremely narrow rolling shutters.

XS56 SoftPerfection-X01
XS56 SoftPerfection-X01

Design and features

The XS56 impresses with its short design and the intelligent motor control.
The new motor has been tested a million times and has proven its reliability in real-life applications. Born out of the well-known GJ56 Venetian blind motor, all the components are optimally matched to each other.

The well-known SoftPerfection-X01 control unit has been adapted for use in rolling shutters with a 60 mm octagonal shaft. Equipped with stoppers and an anti-lift device, the motor offers burglar resistance, anti-freeze protection, shutter length compensation and other functions that protect the shutter and simplify commissioning.

The XS56 SoftPerfection-X01 meets three market requirements in a quite unusual way:

  • Extremely short design
  • Installation with true Plug & Play
  • Protection of the rolling shutter system with the Soft function

Simply brilliantly conceived – XS56!

Programming the end positions

The programming of the end positions is accomplished fully automatically through a very sensitive torque cut-off.

Delayed teach-in

The motor does not learn its actual end positions until the fifth driving cycle after commissioning.

Checking the end positions

The correction of the end positions is also accomplished through a sensitive torque cut-off with reference runs after the first 5 and 20 cycles and then after 50 cycles. Between these reference runs the curtain stops a few millimetres before the shutter box is reached in the upper end position so that there is no permanent tensile load on the curtain. In the lower end position, the curtain also stops shortly before reaching the end position, to avoid a permanent pressure on the curtain.

Antifreeze protection

The GEIGER SoftPerfection-X01 is equipped with an antifreeze protection in UP direction. The situation «curtain frozen to the window sill overnight» is recognized by the system and the curtain will not be damaged. The GEIGER Soft position also prevents the contact between bottom bar and box. This ensures that the roller shutter box does not freeze.

Obstacle detection

The GEIGER SoftPerfection-X01 has an obstacle detection in DOWN direction and a blocking detection in UP direction.

Technical data of tubular motor XS56-SOC (GJ5606)

Rolling shutter with octagonal 60 mm shaft (> 370 mm). Shaft material < 0,60 mm
230 V~/50 Hz
0,40 A
Cos Phi
Inrush current (factor)
x 1,2
93 W
6 Nm
26 rpm
Protection class
Total length
316,7 mm
Operating mode
S2 4 min.
Sound pressure level 1)
34 dB(A)
55 mm
ca. 1,50 kg
Storage temperature/Humidity
T = -15°C .. +70°C / dry and non-condensing place
1) The average sound pressure level data are intended for guidance only. The values were determined by GEIGER at a distance of 1 m, with a hanging motor at idle speed and averaged over 10 seconds. There is no reference to any specific test standard.