Bevel gear series 444F6.. and 446F6..
Kegelradgetriebe Baureihe 444F6../446F6..

The bevel gears of the GEIGER series 444F6.. and  446F6..  have proven their reliability millions of times. Now these successful series have been updated with a very sophisticated design. Thanks to a built-in function switching over the rotation direction, each gear can be installed in the future either on the left-hand side or the right-hand side of the window: an innovative solution that has been patented and that greatly facilitates the assembly.

Benefits and Advantages

It is very easy to change the rotation direction of the bevel gear. The elaborated mechanism requires neither a complicated conversion nor any tool. A reliable lock prevents accidental switching. Since the gear has a continuous interior profile at the drive, the rotation direction of the crank rod remains the same on each installation side.

The mechanical inner workings of the gear is almost unchanged, all previous advantages such as fast operation, free wheel clutch or long life time are preserved.

For gears pre-set for right fitting, turn tube drive to the right...
... until the latching elements of the overrun clutch are released and the switch mechanism is free.
Turn switch mechanism to the left until it stops ...
... and turn tube drive to the left until the latching elements of the overrun clutch snap into place.