01. 99,9x percent product reliability

GEIGER has set itself the goal of delivering absolutely reliable drives without a single failure - over 99.9 percent is achieved for each product group. Possible product failures are analysed in order to further improve the technical properties and the production of the products.

02.  5-year guarantee

GEIGER gives worldwide a 5- year guarantee on all its products and takes over the replacement costs that might be involved. Each error is corrected as quickly as possible on site, in a family house in Germany as well as on the 40th floor of a glass tower on the other side of the earth.

03.   Easiest handling

To make installation and daily operation of its sun protection drives as easy as possible, GEIGER is continuously optimizing the handling. Plug & Play systems and assembly aids facilitate commissioning and reduce maintenance and adjustment intervals.

4.   Final testing of all motors

Prior to delivery, each motor is subject to extensive intermediate and final tests to ensure perfect functioning. At the end of the production line, a fully automated testing is carried out and before packing each drive is checked again.

 5.   Approved test label

The quality of the GEIGER drives is documented by recognized standards and testing facilities like VDE, NF and CCC. 

 6.   Delivery safety and product availability

GEIGER always keeps up with delivery dates according to the schedule assigned. All GEIGER products are available over many years.

 7.   High in-house production ratio

The components of all drives are made to 95 percent by GEIGER itself in order to control quality and production processes. Metal and plastics manufacturing as well as assembly and testing are part of the production at GEIGER.

 8.   Over 60 years' experience

Since the construction of the first Venetian blind drive in 1952, GEIGER has developed expertise in the design and manufacture of sun protection drives. From the crank handles through mechanical gears to the electric motor and Smart Home solutions, GEIGER is consistently geared to the needs and requirements of the sun protection industry and brings innovation forward.

9.   Market leader for Venetian blind motors

With the introduction of the electric Venetian blind drive GJ56 in 2000, GEIGER is now the market leader for Venetian blind motors with over six million units in operation. These drives are being operated worldwide, partly in large and representative construction projects, in Germany and abroad.

10.   100 percent "Made in Germany"

GEIGER exclusively produces at the company's traditional location in Bietigheim-Bissingen, South Germany. The site fidelity and the reinvestment of profits are part of the family foundation's philosophy. This allows GEIGER to regularly invest in the quality and thereby operate successfully in the market.